The Law of Movement

Movement is a master key for success

the Law Of Movement.

Movement is the key to success in life.

The law of movement states that to be successful you must move in the direction of the actualization of your dream.

Movement, any kind of movement, in ANY direction, is better than standing on one spot. Moving in the wrong direction is not the cause of failure. The cause of failure is doing absolutely nothing with your life. The cause of failure is hoping, waiting, expecting something good to happen to you without setting a cause in motion.

Movement is the CAUSE. Your outcomes in life are the EFFECT.

If you keep moving you will eventually attain something significant with your life. If you keep doing, taking action, daring, attempting new things, you will eventually start producing great results in your life. You may fail, but you will be failing forward. You may make mistakes, but it is better to make mistakes than to be doing absolutely nothing to actualize your dream.

Consistent movement in the right direction will produce successful outcomes in your life.

Some people wait for good things to happen to them. They will wait forever.

Some people expect good things to come to them where they are. They will wait forever.

Some people think that if they have good products and services, customers will find them. They will be very disappointed. The greatest companies in the world still advertise and move towards their potential customers.

Hope is not a strategy for success.

The key to success is movement in the direction of your dream, in the direction of your goals, in the direction of your agenda.

The possibility of success increases exponentially if you keep moving forward.

Standing on one spot is the enemy of your progress. Standing on one spot will spell doom to your prospects and your dream in life. Standing on one spot kills opportunity and every good thing you have in you.

Stagnancy is death.

Stagnant water breeds disease.

Stagnant water is a cesspool for vermin.

A stagnant life is a failed life.

Nothing good comes from standing on one spot. In fact, the more you refuse to move, the more you cement your fate in failure.

Do not wait for the perfect time, the perfect opportunity, the perfect idea, the perfect product or service, do something with what you have now and as you move along, the right ideas, opportunities for success and advancement will present themselves to you.

You will be fine.

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