The First Step Is Always The Hardest.

Take the first step.

The First Step Is Always The Hardest.

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Having a dream is easy. Coming up with an idea is easy. Imagining all the great things you could possibly do with your life, while drinking beers with your friends and watching a football game is easy. Where the problem starts is execution.

90% of people fail at execution. Their mind shuts down, they begin to hesitate, they come up with all kinds of excuses why they should not pursue their dream. Fear takes over their mind; they see ghouls and demons behind every door. They see the possibility of failure, the possibility of losing their investment, some people even come up with scenarios which involve losing everything they own, everything they have achieved with their life. This fear immobilises them.

Fear of failure has kept the majority of people from pursuing their dream and attaining their goals. Fear of failure has kept them back from the rewards of success, from wearing the grand laurels of victory, from sharing the podium with high performing achievers in their field of endeavour.

To break the fear of failure, take the first step.

Don’t think about all you have to do to accomplish your dream. Just think about doing what lies before you, the easiest thing you can do right now to actualize that dream.

It doesn’t have to be a huge step.

It can be a very small step like making a call, sending an email, setting up a meeting to discuss your idea with the right people. When you keep taking small steps, you will move away from where you were standing previously and you will begin to move forward with your dream. When you add up all those little steps you will discover that you have made some progress, and life is about making progress; incremental, consistent, progress. This is the secret to success.

Take the first step. Moving slowly is good. Any movement in any direction is better than standing still in one spot. Do something. Take action.

You will be fine.

Praise George.

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