The Anatomy Of A Coward.

Start With What You Have

You made promises to yourself,  you said you were going to do something,  you said you were going to start something, but you didn’t do it.

You told all your friends about that thing you wanted to do,  you told all your friends about that thing you wanted to start,  you told all your friends about how successful that thing was going to be,  but you never did anything about it.

You are a coward.

You write many plans, you have great ideas, you have awesome ideas in your head about the things you want to create,  things you want to achieve, things you want to manifest,  but you never get anything done. 

You hide behind your ideas,  you hide behind big lofty words,  you use high falutin expressions to mesmerise your friends so they think you're smart and wise, but you're very foolish  because you never get anything done.  

You are a coward.

Everything you tell yourself is a lie,  nothing that comes out of your mouth is true. You do not believe in anything you tell yourself,  that is the reason why you never back up anything you do with consistency and action.  You lie to yourself and diminish your sense of worth and value. When you look at yourself in the mirror, instead of feeling good about yourself and feeling a deep sense of pride because of the things you’ve accomplished with your life, all you see is a liar staring back at you and all you feel is a deep sense of shame.

You are afraid to take a leap, you are afraid to step into the unknown,  you are afraid to go to places you've never been,  you are afraid to meet people you've never met,  you are afraid to do things you've never done,  you are afraid to take action on your idea.  You are weak,  timid,  you are a coward.

You've lost your honour, your self respect and your dignity. You cannot look at yourself in the mirror because you detest the person you’ve become, you detest that person who says something but never backs it up with action. 

The only way you can redeem yourself, the only way you can restore your honour and dignity is to start taking action on your ideas,  take action on your plans,  take action on your dream.  The only way to restore your respect is to do the things you have promised yourself that you will do,  the only way to restore your dignity is to take a step into the unknown,  and do the things you promised yourself you were going to do. 

You can change your life.

You can be a doer and not a talker.

You can keep the promises youy made to yourself.

You can be a winner and not a loser.

You can take action on your dream and START NOW!

You will be fine.

Praise George.

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